Dinner in Jerusalem

When I found out I was going to Jerusalem I emailed my online friend Miriam Schwab for advice about what to do and see in the area (Miriam lives in Jerusalem). She gave us heaps of advice and invited us to join her family for a traditional Jewish dinner during the Shabatt (Jewish sabbath).

Miriam and her children. Thanks to Victoria Argyle for the photo.

After arriving in Jerusalem, we made our way on foot (in 35°C heat!) to Miriams place. It hadn’t dawned on me that we wouldn’t be able to contact Miriam due to Jews not being allowed to use electrical devices on the Shabatt and I hadn’t bothered getting particularly accurate directions on how to find her place. All we had we her address, but only a teeny tourist map to find her on. We asked the locals for directions, but only a few seemed to know the housing area she lived in. A few suggested we walked up a hill, in the opposite direction to where we should have been going, to a Mosque on the top of the Mount of Olives. We found out later that the locals simply didn’t want us finding her housing complex as they are unhappy that there is a single Jewish housing complex in an otherwise entirely arab area of Jerusalem.

Two hours after we left the hotel, we were eventually met by an abrupt confrontation with guards armed with machine guns outside Miriams place. Once we convinced them that we were indeed supposed to be there, we were served a scrumptious meal of middle eastern style food 😀 It was great to see an inside view of a typical Israeli family. The concept of having armed guards outside my house is certainly a very foreign concept though!

A panoramic image from Miriam’s place. On the right is Miriam and slightly to her left is Vicki. In the background you can see the wall seperating Palestine from the rest of Israel and you can faintly see the mountains of Jordan in the distance.

Photo of the wall seperating Palestine from the rest of the Israel as seen from Miriam’s place.

View of the mountains of Jordan as seen from Miriam’s place

7 thoughts on “Dinner in Jerusalem

  1. Nice post! It was so fun having you and Vicky over. Can’t wait for the next time 🙂

    It’s great when the online world moves into the offline world, and I’m really glad we got to meet in real life!


  2. Amer Baniodeh says:

    Stop publishing these photos as in israel. This is palestine and Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, MrS Vicky

  3. Amer Baniodeh says:

    And this familly in the picture are from sattelments. Very aggresive people. They are palestinian children killer…

  4. Ryan says:

    I go by whatever it says on the map, and the map says that it’s Jerusalem and that it’s part of Israel.

    • Amer Baniodeh says:

      Map? which map? there are different maps describing jerusalems. Did you check a map which is made by 1,5 millird moslems how they look to Jerusalem or this is not important. Do you know that UN doesnt recognize Jerusalem as a part of Israel or this is not important. Do you know that even USA and Europe dont recognize is as part of Israeel. Ost Jerusalem is an occupied palestinian tirritory (where you made the picture).

      This woamn invited you to a place which doesnt belong to her.

      see in the future…where everthing should return to its normal situation how it was before

      • Ryan says:

        I wasn’t aware that the UN, USA and EU don’t recognise Jerusalem as part of Israel. Thanks for the info.

        I don’t know enough about the ins and outs of middle eastern politics. I was a tourist there and the map I had said Jerusalem was part of Israel. Perhaps you could go debate this issue with any map makers you can find who stick Jerusalem on a map labelled “Israel”.

        How about you all hug and become friends 🙂

        • Amer Baniodeh says:


          thanks for the reply. Yes, we can be friends. Welcome

          That you didnt know that …is absolutly ok. I recognized that the most people in the world dont know that. Im not saying these because im palestinian but because i think that if people in the world continue dont have enough infos about the reality there so how we will be able to find a solution for this conflict.


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