How do you entertain yourself on a beautiful sunny day in Norway? You head to the park and lap up the sun with the locals. I took the following photo beside the royal palace in Oslo, a few minutes walk from my apartment. Raspberries, yoghourt and a book were my entertainment for the afternoon 😀

Raspberries in Slottsparken

3 thoughts on “Slottsparken

  1. Pauli Loeffler says:

    Focusing on beautiful surroundings and luscious raspberries (yum) rather than your legs!

    • Ryan says:

      That’s a very good idea 😉

      • y fri cheryPauli Loeffler says:

        in a galaxy far, far away when I was a member of the Tulsa Wheelmen (bicycle club) everyone shaved their legs to avoid ‘road rash’ if you took a fall. My friend Cheryl joined when I did ’cause “guys who ride bikes have great asses.” Cheryl spoke words of truth. “Get on your bikes and ride!”#Queen #fatbottomgirls

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