Weird shit in Japan

I forgot to post these photos I took of weird shit in Japan. Apparently they like drinking sweat, buying coffee and cigarettes from vending machines, using electric toilets and washing their clothes with devices made by Sanyo.

The weird thing about the vending machines, is that they’re everywhere. They just leave them sitting out on the footpath, so that you can stop and buy stuff as you are walking along. They’re kinda handy if you feel like a quick snack late night.


Sanyo toilet

Pocari Sweat

Sanyo washing machine

2 thoughts on “Weird shit in Japan

  1. Jason says:

    Awwww the lid is obscuring the faucet above the toilet. It lets you wash your hands with the water that is going into the cistern before it gets used in the bowl. I dont know why I haven’t seen this idea in any other country (of the 2 I’ve visited).

    It was really fun when I was in a Japanese hotel on a school trip. Went down to the end of the hall and bought whiskey from a vending machine.

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