Lehn Stock photos

The poster presentation at Lehn Stock 2007 was a good chance to network with chemists from other parts of the country.

A rather stunned looking Matt Polson walking in front of my attempt to take a photo of the Steel group from Canterbury. Matt used to be lab demonstrator many moons ago.

Matt Polson and the Steele group

My fellow Brooker bunch members Scott, Humphrey and Jon getting into the spirit of Lehn Stock 2007.

Jon Kitchen drinking with the monkeys Scott (left) and Humphrey (middle)

A nice photo of Jon Kitchen and Lisa McLintock during the poster presentation at Lehn Stock.

Jon Kitchen and Lisa McClintock

Lehn Stock

I attended the Dunedin Supramolecular symposium and presented my poster on mixed cobalt(III)/silver(I) coordination complexes. The star of the show was Nobel prize laureate Jean Marie Lehn who spoke about his pioneering work in the area of supramolecular chemistry.

From the Supramolecular chemistry Wikipedia page : “Supramolecular chemistry refers to the area of chemistry which focuses on the noncovalent bondinghydrogen bonding, metal coordination, hydrophobic forces, van der Waals forces, pi-pi interactions, and/or electrostatic effects to assemble molecules into multimolecular complexes.

Jean Marie Lehn. Nobel Prize winner.

Jenel Bode comes to Dunedin!

Woot! Got a lift back to Dunedin from Christchurch with my old hockey coach Jenel Bode who I’m hoping will take a job with the Dunedin Ice Hockey Association as a professional hockey coach/skating instructor. We stopped off at the Moeraki boulders on the way.

Jenel Bode on top of a Moeraki boulder

Jenel Bode displaying a Moeraki boulder

Yvette and I took her up onto the chemistry department roof to show her the city from up high.

Yvette Absalom and Jenel Bode on top of the University of Otago Chemistry Department roof.


I separated from the rest of the crew after leaving Tasmania and explored Melbourne on my own. I took my roller hockey skates with me so could cover heaps of ground in minimal time ­čśÇ

Melbourne City Skyline

Rod Laver Arena

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

I jumped the barrier stopping the traffic from getting on to the Albert Park formula 1 track (which was being constructed a the time) and started timing myself to see how long it took me to skate around the track. Unfortunately I only made it about a kilometer down the track before one of the marshalls chased me down and told me to get the hell off the track ­čÖü

Albert Park Formula 1 track

Albert Park lake. Melbourne skyline in the background.

People in Hobart

Whilst surfing my backups I found these photos from my trip to Hobart in 2007. The first two are from a trip with Kelly Kilpin, Lisa McClintock and Vicki Argyle on a boat in Hobart. The second two are from dinner that night at Sals restaurant.

Kelly Kilpin and Lisa McClintock on the water in Hobart

Kelly Kilpin and Lisa McClintock on the water in Hobart

Vicki on the water in Hobart

Vicki on the water in Hobart

Vicki at Sals in Hobart

Vicki at Sals in Hobart

Vicki surfing another whale

Vicki surfing another whale