Hobart Prison

Lisa, Jon, Vicky and I visited one of the oldest prisons in Hobart. There were lots of creepy things to see including this scary ghost of a beautiful woman, for some reason she looks oddly familiar.

The ghost of Vicky Argyle

Jon Kitchen looked oddly at home inside a locked prison cell.

Jon Kitchen looking oddly at home inside a locked prison cell

The stones in the floor which the prisoners stood on before heading up to the court room showed just how long the prisoners were required to stand down there before sentencing. The stone blocks of the floor had ground out dents in them from the ball and chains the prisoners wore wearing whilst standing down there.

Floor of the corridor underneat the prison in Hobart


I went to Hobart for IC07 which is the biggest inorganic chemistry conference in Australasia. The conference was a success. I met lots of new people, made some new friends and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Hobart is an excellent place to visit. It’s very picturesque, the weather is great and it’s not too busy.

The main bridge into Hobart

Architecture in Hobart

View of Hobart from above

Central Otago Rail trail

With my leg out of cast, I decided it was time for some serious fitness. So I agreed to do the Central Otago Rail Trail with Anna! It turned out that my leg wasn’t quite as strong as I thought! I had some serious issues getting from point A to point B. But we did make it back to Dunedin safe and sound eventually. We did the 150 km trail in three days and cycled another 20 km to reach the Tairei Gorge train the next day for our trip back to Dunedin. Unfortunately Anna has banned me from putting any photos of her on the web 🙁 So there’s no pretty photos of her to show 🙁

Bridge on the Central Otago Rail Trail

Tunnel on the Central Otago Rail Trail


The Tairei Gorge.