Back in New Zealand

I’m back in New Zealand now after my Canadian excursion. I’ve got a new job as a research assistant working for Sally Brooker at the University of Otago. So my research is back to the supramolecular coordination chemistry I did during my Master of Science degree 😀 Our lab has a particularly nice view (see below).

View from my new chemistry lab

I’ve found myself a new flat. It’s not particularly nice, but I needed to find something on short notice so took the first thing I found.

My new flat at 231 North Rd

Edmonton City

I was planning to catch a bus around Edmonton but I met a local called John Arnieri on the way there from Jasper who kindly took me on a tour of the city. Random acts of kindness like this are very appreciated. Thank you very much John 😀

The photo below is of the Alberta Legislature building which is one of the most famous pieces of architecture in Edmonton.

Edmonton Legislature building