Road trip to Christchurch

I spent a day packing boxes of lunches for the student volunteer army in Christchurch. We managed to prepare over 17,000 lunches 😀 We in fact prepared so many, that they wouldn’t all fit in the truck being used to transport them to Christchurch, and so Ed Waite and myself carted them up in Ed’s Landcruiser.

Ed Waite in Palmerston, en route to Christchurch

The authorities were requesting for out of towners to stay away from Christchurch and not to assist with the quake cleanup, so the only destruction we got to see were some wonky road signs and a couple of area of liquifaction such as this before heading out of town.

Night out with Sushi

Great night out with my new flatmate Sushi, Rose, Jordy and Amy.

Amy, Rose, Jordy and Ryan Hellyer at The Break

Sushi and Ryan Hellyer

Sushi and Jordan

Ryan Hellyer and Rose

Ryan Hellyer and Amy

Rose and Ryan Hellyer

Jordy and Rose

Pearl flat

Chris Laing and I camped at Pearl flat which sits below Mount Aspiring. Since no one else was stupid enough to go camping with the sand flies, we had the whole area to ourselves 😀 The sand flies weren’t a major nuisance and seemed to avoid stinging us so long as we smothered ourselves in regular dollops of deet.