Group trip to Idaburn

We made a group trip to the Idaburn dam to find skatable ice. That failed in epic fashion, so we did some team shots including the following super sexy duckface shot! Thanks to Devon Wallace for the photos.

Ed Waite on the left, yours truly at the top, Jaydee Cabral in the middle and Devon Wallace on right doing our best attempt at the super sexy duckface shot.

From left: Thomas Hedderwick, Jacyln Ho, Dave Patchett, Bret Dougherty, Pip, Ed Waite, Jaydee Cabral, Hernesha Fakir, Ryan Hellyer (me), Liz Roberts, Chris Laing and Keith Dickson.

Hockey trip to Naseby

I helped organise a social hockey trip to Naseby this winter. We were greeted with an awesome snowy experience on arriving in Naseby, including snow during one of our games! My should was too munted to play, so I refereed it instead.

Chris Laing getting overly friendly with a snowman!

Brett enroute to Hoffmans dam

From left to right: Unknown (orange) Ryan Hellyer (me as referee), Kelly Cooper-Mitchell (teal), Hernesha Fakir (orange), Thomas Hedderwick (teal), unknown (red), unknown (teal), Jaclyn Ho (teal), Devon Wallace (teal), Brett Dougherty (orange), Keith Dickson (teal), Sonja Texley (orange), Barett (goalie) Liz Roberts (orane), Chris Laing (teal), unknown (teal), Adam Girardin (goalie), Dave Patchett (orange), unknown (teal), unknown (teal), Devon Wallace (teal), Sophie Soph (orange), Jaydee Cabral (orange). Thanks to Adam Girardin for providing the photo.