Killer Keas

The Killer Keas ice hockey team, bronze medalists in the Dunedin Ice Hockey League Autumn season.

Clockwise from top left: Ben Wallis, Edward Waite, David Richards, Peter Wallis, Ryan Hellyer, Bret Dougherty, Señorita León de la Barra, Elizabeth Roberts, Jaydee Cabral, Hernisha Fakir, Sonja Woods,

Thanks to Jaydee Cabral for providing the photo and Anna Craw for taking it.

The Mighty Feroza

Pierre-em and I went 4WD’ing in his mighty Feroza on the weekend.

The first section of terrain was also one of the trickiest. We actually got stuck a few minutes before I took this photo but thankfully Pierre-ems skilled driving (ie: he planted it while in reverse) we managed to get it un-wedged 😀

The driving was much more leisurely from there on and despite a few bangs and bumps going over some of the bigger crests it was all smooth sailing

And here’s a short video clip from the end of our journey and back onto a real road!

Manorburn dam history

I’ve been fishing through my families old photo albums and found the following photos of the Manorburn dam from the past that some of you may find interesting.

From left: Auntie Lynn, Ronald Hellyer, Pamela Hopkins, Uncle John, Dad and Robyn on the central basin of the Manorburn dam in 1954. The hand writing is courtesy of my Nana.

From left is Ronald Hellyer, my Dad, some random guy, Phylis Hellyer and John Hellyer on the Manorburn dam in 1952.

Dad on the Manorburn dam some time around 1970.

Dad on the Manorburn dam some time around 1970.

This is my brother Scott on the tiny ice cube they called a rink which sat beside the Manorburn dam. This would have been around 1984 I think.

And this is Scott demonstrating why I'm the one who's still skating!

Crib revisited

The following is a panorama I created a long time ago of Toko Mouth. It was originally created with an old film camera of my mum’s and since the film was her’s, she never let me chop them photos up and turn them into the panorama I was trying to create. Scanners weren’t readily available back then, but thankfully she let me borrow them to scan recently, and here is the final product in all it’s glory … albeit many years later than I had intended!

Oops! It seems these are not the photos I thought they were. These are photos taken by my Mum. The ones I was thinking of were probably on my own camera. Sorry Mum!

And here’s the original file.