I’m out of action from playing sports at the moment due to my silly shoulder popping it’s self out of the socket again 🙁 But the chemistry department soccer team said they were usually short of female players so I dragged along Becky Brassett to help them out. The games are played 9 a side […]

Pink Fury

The field hockey team I usually play for (The Soft Sticks) had no opposition at our last game. So they played a game amongst themselves while I took some piccies from the shade on the sideline – I’m still recovering from a dislocated shoulder. The temperatures were searing (26 deg. C I think) so there […]

Pink Warriors

I was/am supposed to be playing for the Soft Sticks field hockey team. Except I decided to dislocate my shoulder last week instead 😛 The opposition for the day were ‘Out 2 Score’. Unfortunately my batteries were running on empty so I couldn’t load up the LCD screen to change the ISO settings/exposures so the […]