Dunedin Aces

The Dunedin Aces are an inline hockey club which was started initially by Daniel Jang and within weeks myself, Kerry Perkins and a bunch of others were recruited to help run the club. We eventually got our own uniforms and headed off to the South Island Regional Inline Hockey Championship where we were promptly gobbled […]

George St school

This was where I learned to play hockey! A random question by someone at the staff club one night about making a chemistry inline hockey team prompted me to go buy a stick, a pair of inline hockey skates and the rest is history! A life long (so far) obsession with hockey was born and […]

BSc Graduation

Ick, graduation, the most BORING experience ever. I was graduating for my Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. Here’s some pics of Michelle and I at my graduation dinner. I can’t remember who gave me the photos, but thanks to whoever it was! I graduated in absentia for my Master of Science degree so no […]

Black eye

Dang nabbit this hurt! Andrew Wiffen and I had a miscommunication during a baseball game and we collided. Unfortunately he put his elbow up to protect himself and took out my eye in the process! Mum decided it wasn’t painful enough already and tortured me further by taking photos of it.