San Francisco

What an awesome place! People everywhere, nice weather, lots of stuff to see and lots of stuff to do. I could totally live here 😀 Although I suspect the cost of living would be astronomical unless you lived way out in the wop wops.

Me (Ryan Hellyer) on the steepest street in San Francisco

There’s some seriously steep hills in San Francisco. The photo above is of me standing on the steepest one. They’re still a little shy of the gradient of our mighty Baldwin St in Dunedin though.

Worlds Crookedest street

They do have the worlds crookedest street in San Francisco though. People have skated down it before, I considered trying, but there was too much traffic and surface was made up of horrible knobbly cobble stones.

4 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. Olav Vandvik says:

    I’m going to San Francisco this summer 🙂 What is the name of that steep hill?


  2. Ryan says:

    Olva, I’m not sure sorry what street that is sorry. I was told it was the steepest street in the city, but I think there are two which are at the same gradient and I’m not sure which one that is.

  3. Rachel says:

    It was probably Filbert Street, which runs parallel to Lombard Street down the same hill. Lombard is really curvy precisely so it won’t have to be so steep. On Filbert the driver of a regular four-door car can’t even see the street.

  4. Ryan says:

    Thanks Rachel. That sounds like it is Filbert Street then as it was parallel to Lombard St and on the same hill.

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