San Francisco

What an awesome place! People everywhere, nice weather, lots of stuff to see and lots of stuff to do. I could totally live here 🙂 Although I suspect the cost of living would be astronomical unless you lived way out in the wop wops. There’s some seriously steep hills in San Francisco. The photo above […]


The weather was overcast. I had a nice meal at a restaurant recommended by Mike Boyle, tried the local brew (can’t remember what it was called and it tasted like dog poop anyway), visited the water front then headed off to the Space Needle. Seattle … been seen and done in three hours 🙂 I […]

Los Angeles

And the prize for my worst first impression of a city ever goes to … Los Angeles. The stench of smog at the airport was simply foul. The following photos I took from the plane show the yucky smog quite nicely.