Corona Pizza

Madhvi and I broke the 2 m rule, whilst Craig kept himself locked behind glass (where he belongs) while did a small group pizza baking session πŸ˜€

Me (Ryan Hellyer), Madhvi, Craig, Sophia

Corona office

I’m unfortunately having some technical difficulties with the air conditioning in my office today. It’s too hot. Thankfully this office comes with it’s own pool, so I might take a dip shortly to cool off.

In case anyone is wondering … the law changed here to say that people are allowed to stop and rest whilst exercising. So I rode my bike here and just set up camp for the day as my rest break πŸ˜€ I suspect this was not what they had in mind when they made this law change, but I’m embracing it πŸ˜€

Corona BoxVR

Don’t go outside they say. Get exercise to ward off the virus they say.

Those two don’t go well together, so I’m using BoxVR on the Oculus Quest to achieve both πŸ˜€ I bought it a week or so ago, and it’s turning out to be an epically useful little tool for getting exercise in the middle of my living room. 10/10 would recommend

Download video

Social distance cycling

I decided to leave the home during the day for the first time in a week. Mo, Craig and I headed out of the city by bike to enjoy the forest breeze πŸ˜€ It was so lovely to see all the families, grandparents and coughing grand children out staying nice and close and just playing in a big groups. We on the other hand practiced our social distancing skills πŸ˜€