Fun day doing site seeing with Anna in Berlin

Anna and I went site seeing around Berlin. Too much stuff to see, not enough time! We went to Alexanderplatz, did the normal Brandenburger Tor touristy stuff, then headed to the DDR museum.

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Crashing out Rubens Barrichello

I’ve done some dumb arse shit in my time. Last night I added to that by causing Rubens Barrichello, the most experienced Formula 1 driver of all time to crash into me with his racing car.
Okay, it’s a virtual racing car, but it was actually the real Rubens Barrichello driving it! Thankfully he didn’t seem to be grumpy at me 😀

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20 millionth birthminute

It is with great joy that I can proudly say I have managed to not kill myself for 20 million minutes 😀 I turned 20 million minutes old just now 😀

I’d like to firstly thank my mum and dad for giving me the skills necessary in life to avoid walking in front of cars and eating poisoned food.

Secondly I’d like to thank my friends, most notably Chris Laing who has kindly chosen not to execute me (yet?) and all the other wonderful people who have convinced me to be careful when crossing the street.