Skating on Kringlevann at last

After multiple trips over the past few weeks to Kringlevann all resulted in failed attempts at skating, I was beginning to think my chances of skating in the great outdoors this season was fading fast. Fortunately we had a good freeze over the past few days and only a minor dusting of snow. After I trudged up the hill to the lake, I was greeted with a solid 50 – 70 mm of rock hard smooth ice 😀 The snow on top was all fluffy stuff which didn’t affect skating at all.

Me skating on Kringlevann

Clearly this went off with a big crack as I turned around immediately!

Beautiful view onto the skating surface at Kringlevann

I brought a drill along in case I needed to gingerly make my way onto the surface, but it turned out to be hard as a rock and not needed.

9 thoughts on “Skating on Kringlevann at last

  1. Clive Murphie says:

    Lol…..its 29 degrees here sunny and warm Northwest winds…….so skating on lakes is for dreaming only….good to see that you are still getting out on the ice….:)Great photos

  2. Dave says:

    Great to see you got out and good to see photos.


  3. alan knowles says:

    Go Ryan! Lucky man!


  4. Dave P says:

    Great stuff Ryan. I love the story told by the turn-about tracks. And there was a wild beast on the ice too?

  5. Pauli Loeffler says:

    70s here altho’ 50s or even 40s at night. Not chilly enough to make my nearly world class chili until those are the day time temps.

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