I made my first attempt at playing Bandy. For those of you who aren’t aware of what Bandy is, it is a sport which is similar to regular hockey, but is played with 11 players on each side on a huge soccer field sized ice rink with very low boards. The stick is much shorter […]

Store Gryta

Morten and I headed to Store Gryta to find some ice to skate on. Unfortunately it was a little thin, so we stopped for a short food break where I tried Julebrød med brun øst (Norwegian Christmas bread with brown cheese), a traditional Christmas time snack around these parts.

Frozen saft!

This is a lesson in why you should always pack hot water when travelling outdoors in Oslo 😉 This was a yummy bottle full of forest berry flavoured saft (Norwegian drink flavouring stuff, kinda like cordial) before leaving home; 60 minutes later and it became a saft slushy! The photo was taken on Kringlevann.