Toko Mouth

Here’s some photos I took at my parents crib at Toko Mouth. A crib by the way (for you non South Islander’s) is a term we use for a holiday house. Toko Mouth is situated at the mouth of the Tokomaririro river 45 mins drive south of Dunedin.

The mouth of the Tokomairiro river

My parents crib at Toko Mouth

4 thoughts on “Toko Mouth

  1. Rowena says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I’m an Aussie helping a friend put together the story of his father who was a Polish bomber pilot in WWII. The family lived in Milton for 5 years after the war and in the early 50s built a shack at Tokomouth. I was wondering whether the cribs in your photo were from that era or more recent please. Roland’s dad, Edward Chorazy, worked at the Bruce Woollen Mills in Milton and for a time they lived in the caretaker’s cottage there.
    I don’t know if this rings any bells with you but I do appreciate your photo and post.
    Best wishes,

    • Ryan Hellyer says:

      No, but i know exactly who to share this with. My mum and some of her friends know a lot about the history of the area.

      • Rowena Newton says:

        That would be great, Ryan. You never knows what turns up when you scratch at the surface of history. Two weeks ago, I was sent a photo of Roland’s Dad hanging out in Blackpool with friends during the war. I look forward to hearing again from you and maybe generating some reminiscing.
        Best wishes,

    • Ryan Hellyer says:

      I “think” the brown house with the red roof was brand new around 1960. But I’m not entirely sure. I will be able to find out for you though.

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