I made my first attempt at playing Bandy. For those of you who aren’t aware of what Bandy is, it is a sport which is similar to regular hockey, but is played with 11 players on each side on a huge soccer field sized ice rink with very low boards. The stick is much shorter […]

Frozen saft!

This is a lesson in why you should always pack hot water when travelling outdoors in Oslo 😉 This was a yummy bottle full of forest berry flavoured saft (Norwegian drink flavouring stuff, kinda like cordial) before leaving home; 60 minutes later and it became a saft slushy! The photo was taken on Kringlevann.

Running to Kringlevann

One of my favourite hobbies in New Zealand was always finding ice to skate on come the winter months. By the time I arrived in Norway last winter all of the lakes were covered in snow, so this time around I’m trying to keep a close eye on the lakes and as soon as they’re […]