New Years with Cassienne

Whilst enroute to a new job in Norway, I stopped off in Christchurch to spend New Years with one of my favourite people in the whole world, Cassienne. After a few months of feeling like hell, this was a great way to pep me up before heading on to a new life in Norway. We […]

Road trip to Christchurch

I spent a day packing boxes of lunches for the student volunteer army in Christchurch. We managed to prepare over 17,000 lunches 😀 We in fact prepared so many, that they wouldn’t all fit in the truck being used to transport them to Christchurch, and so Ed Waite and myself carted them up in Ed’s […]

Swinging Beasts

After playing a round at Stewarts Gully Mini Golf, the Beasts found other ways to stay amused, including swinging and tandem bike riding aroung the golf course. Jane Soper providing amusement to the team by swinging towards a tree at full pelt Neil Dudley doing a jig while Rob Owens learns why Jane Soper was […]