Falling through ice

I can still feel the sensation of my shoulder popping out every time I watch this. It makes me feel queasy! Quite cool to have caught it on camera though 😀 Thanks to Dave for recording and uploading it 😀 The video was recorded at Poolburn reservoir in New Zealand. The ice was about 15 […]

Green ice?

Apparently the correct term for ice which looks like glass, is “green ice”. Whilst skating over some incredibly smooth “green ice”, Dave Young decided to poke a hole in it to see how good the visibility was. It then dawned on me that he could attach my ATC2k camera to the end of the pole […]

NMR Quench

Our 500 MHz NMR machine quenched itself today 🙁 Here is an awful quality photo I took of the aftermath. To make things worse, our other machine (300 MHz one) has been out of action since late last year, so we now have no NMR access whatsoever … for any non-chemists out there, this is […]