Liverpool Bivvy

My first major tramping experience. Myself, Andy Helm, Maree Helm and Vanessa Green headed up the Matukituki valley towards Mt Aspring, then detoured up a ridiculously steep incline. The map showed that we were only travelling 200 m from the bottom to the top of the incline, however that was only the horisontal distance, the contour lines showed that it was an 800 m vertical climb to the top! This was before I started playing any sport whatsoever, so my fitness was almost zero. But I made it to the top where there was a spectacular view up the Matukituki valley towards Mt Aspring.

Start of the trip


A bit further


Dip in the water


Getting near the bottom of the hill


Beautiful river


Bottom of the hill


Liverpool Bivvy hut


Liverpool Bivvy hut from afar

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