Banff National park

I’ve visited Banff township in Banff National park in the rocky mountains a few times now. It’s only an hour and a bit away from Calgary. It’s similar to Queenstown but without the lake. There’s lots of hiking (tramping) and site seeing to be down there.

Tunnel Mountain at Banff

The above photo is of Tunnel Mountain. It’s not much of a mountain, more like a steep hill. I walked to the top while there.

Cascade Mountain near Banff township

Cascade mountain (above) is out the other side of Banff township.

Bear proof bin in Banff township

Oh yeah, they have Bears in Banff! Even the rubbishi bins (see above) have to be made bear proof!

An Elk, I took this photo on the outskirts of the Banff township.

Elk in the area are allowed to wander free around the town. They’re huge beasts which look quite scary but are apparently quite harmless.

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