Silverpeaks tramp

Mark Hareb, my flatmate Dars and myself went tramping on the Silverpeaks route, just out of Dunedin. Things started badly when my giant three liter bottle of water split only half an hour into the tramp. I carried it in for another hour and ditched at the turnoff where we would be arriving back to later in the day.

View over the Silver peaks

The route is quite old and hasn’t been maintained in a long time so picking out where you’re supposed to go was tricky. We didn’t get lost though 🙂 However, later in the day the wind picked up incredibly strong. We were getting knocked off our feet all the time and we started to run out of water!

Mark Hareb on the Silverpeaks route

After much cursing from Dars and me getting quite dehydrated, we eventually made our way off the ridges, hence away from the wind and back to the water bottle I ditched earlier in the day.

Dars standing beside a cute little lamb

All up it took us just over 13 hours to complete the tramp. En route I twisted my ankle a few times which I didn’t think was a major drama, however a week later was when I twisted the same ankle again and broke my leg 🙁

Mark and Dars tramping on the Silverpeaks route

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