Bode Cave

Our uber awesome, wonderful and truly incredible professional ice hockey coach Jenel Bode is leaving 🙁 Hopefully she’ll be back next year though 🙂

Rhyan McMillan and Jenel Bode inside the cave at Longbeach

Rhyan McMillan and our uber awesome coach Jenel Bode

For her goodbye bash, she organised a goodbye party in a cave at Longbeach. It sounded boring, getting stuck in a cave all evening on a cold, wet, rainy day 🙁 Luckilly Sarah was heading out to take Jane so I hitched a ride along so I could make an appearance and bail home early with Sarah. Darn glad I went though, coz it was totally awesome. The cave was wicked, the fire kept us all cosy warm, everyone had fun and there was loads of entertainment provided by my teammates who provided firebreathing, guitar and flame throwing demonstrations for us all. There were even baby blue penguins in the back of the cave hanging out with us!

Neil Dudley and Rob Owens waving fire #1

Neil Dudley and Rob Owens demonstrating how much effort it takes to burn human skin

Neil Dudley pretending to be a dragon

Neil Dudley pretending to be a dragon

Sarah MacDonald and Jane Soper inside the cave at Longbeach

Sarah MacDonald stumming on the guitar, Jane Soper sipping on her vodka and chocolate thingy

Neil Dudley breathing fire

Neil Dudley trying to set himself on fire

Fire in the cave at Long Beach

The bonfire, Chris Laing in the background providing some music on his guitar

Sheree Haslemore and Susan Green at Long Beach

Bajeeze, two scary looking women! Thankfully they’re normally quite beautiful. The Beasts arch nemesis is on the left (she keeps scoring goals on us) Sheree Haslemore and ex Dunedinite Susan Green is baring her teeth on the right

Neil Dudley and Rob Owens waving fire #2

Neil Dudley and Rob Owens lighting up the cave

Three Ryans in one photo! Ryan Hellyer, Rhyan McMillan and Ryan Wick

Ryan sandwich? From left: Ryan Hellyer (moi), Rhyan McMillan and Ryan Wick.

Stupidly I didn’t think to take a camera, so thanks to Jenel Bode, Susan Green and Rhyan McMillan for the photos 🙂

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  1. Kat says:

    Thank you very much for your help ^-^ Everything is fine now

  2. Ryan says:

    Well this is a pretty random place to get a reply!

    Although from what I can see everything isn’t fine as your images are still messed up.

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