GimpCam and NetCam

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about GimpCam and NetCam recently. To save me feeling like a broken record, here’s a selection of pre-prepared answers …

  • Yes I did look like a gimp while wearing it
  • No I’m not going to lend it to you to wear to school
  • No it doesn’t have X-ray vision
  • No I don’t use it to spy on girls in the changing room
  • No I’m not going to lend it to you for that purpose!
  • No I’m not going to buy a pinhole camera instead (too expensive)
  • Yes GimpCam and NetCam have the same internals
  • It cost $80 from a dodgy computer store in SE Calgary
  • Yes NetCam is housed inside a tupperware container and no I’m not going to integrate it inside the goal post instead
  • Yes GimpCam looks stupid and no it can’t fit inside the lip at the top of my helmet
  • Yes I am considering allowing goalies to wear GimpCam but I need to find an appropriate way to protect it as its unlikely to survive a puck impact in it’s current form
  • No I’m not planning to stream it direct to a projector screen in the warm room
  • Last of all, NO! You are not allowed to fire slapshots at my head while I’m wearing GimpCam!





2 thoughts on “GimpCam and NetCam

  1. Karen says:

    Lots of videos of ice hockey on your site lately, not doing a lot of other work these days then…. All good from my end, enjoying the lovely summerish weather at the moment over here. Will write properly sometime. *smile*

  2. Ryan says:

    Yeah I’ve been quite busy with hockey stuff lately. But there are a bunch of new non hockey related posts coming up soon 🙂 And I’ve decided to take up field hockey, so there’ll be another variant on the theme coming soon.

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