Hastings Caves

Vicky Argyle, Tasha Munro, Lisa McClintock and I all ventured south from Hobart to visit the Hastings Caves. The caves are truly spectacular and you can get some wonderful pictures inside. There’s a sign outside saying you aren’t allowed to use a tripod, but the guide told me it was okay as long as I didn’t hold the tour up 🙂 There were all sorts of creepy crawlies inside, although getting pictures of them was difficult as I wasn’t allowed to use a flash and they usually moved before I could get my tripod setup.

Spider inside the Hastings caves

View of the roof of the Hastings Cave

The Hastings caves

Below is what the Hastings Caves look like if yer spinning round in circles – I dropped my camera 😛

View from my camera when dropped in Hastings Caves

The bush outside the caves was very dense and full of wildlife including Wallabies, possums and the occasional Tasha and Lisa.

Natasha Munro and Lisa McClintock outside the Hastings Caves

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