Pink Warriors

I was/am supposed to be playing for the Soft Sticks field hockey team. Except I decided to dislocate my shoulder last week instead 😛 The opposition for the day were ‘Out 2 Score’. Unfortunately my batteries were running on empty so I couldn’t load up the LCD screen to change the ISO settings/exposures so the pictures are all messed up and then it ran totally flat after only taking a few shots 🙁 Hopefully I’ll get some better shots next time.

Nastaha Munro

Our mighty team manager leading the charge to the front

Kara Ross in action

Kara stomping her way down the boards, er, pipe … whatever that black tube thingy is called

Deb Handock scores off an assist from Paula Ross

Paula dribbles, Paula passes, Deb scores! Yay 🙂

Deb is also my physiotherapist so fingers crossed she’s as skilled with treating dislocated shoulders as she is at scoring goals!

Satisfaction: Deb Handcock and Paula Ross after their goal

Paula and Deb looking very satisfied with their achievement!

Scott Cameron in action

Scott demonstrating the ‘lower is better’ approach

Scott Cameron in action

Scott taking it a step further and demonstrating the ‘lets stand on our stick and head butt the ground coz we’re staring into space’ approach.

Deb Handcock in action

Deb deking some big guy

Paula Ross and Deb Handcock

Paula chasing down the ball followed by Deb

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