Stewarts Gully Mini Golf

The Beasts (my ice hockey team) headed to Stewarts Gully Mini Golf. The facility is owned by Clive Murphie, a top bloke who is also heavily involved with the Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club who we played against in Christchurch. As it says on the label, this is “Mini Golf”, so basically big golf shrunk to a small size, no castles, water features or other fandangled things to navigate, just good old putting greens.

Clive Murphie: Stewarts Gully Mini Golf

Clive Murphie, the owner of the course

Jane Soper watching Estelle Baker putting

Estelle Baker expertly sinking the ball in the hole after some advice from Jane Soper (on right). Conveniently I clicked the shutter just as the ball was falling into the hole.

Jason Sedgwick playing mini-golf

Jason Sedgwick kicking some serious butt on the greens

Jane Soper playing mini-golf

Jane Soper playing catch up

Neil Dudley slap shotting a golf ball

Neil Dudley aiming for 18th hole … from the 1st tee

Estelle Baker playing mini golf

Estelle Baker putting for gold

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