People in Israel

Someone complained that I don’t post enough photos of people! The reason I don’t normally post photos of people is because I’m not very good at taking them and I often never get around to asking permission. To keep my readers happy, here are some photos from Israel containing real live human beings 🙂

This is one of the few photos I took of people while in Israel. Vicki Argyle is on the left and Gemma Christian is on the right.

Vicki Argyle and I on top of Davids Castle in the Old City of Jerusalem.

One of numerous ugly photos of me taken by Vicki.

2 thoughts on “People in Israel

  1. Nick White says:

    Nice legs man

  2. Ryan says:

    With all that time in the sun, I thought they’d at least turn brown … but no! Apparently they are destined for a life of pasty whiteness 🙁

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