I’m out of action from playing sports at the moment due to my silly shoulder popping it’s self out of the socket again 🙁 But the chemistry department soccer team said they were usually short of female players so I dragged along Becky Brassett to help them out. The games are played 9 a side on a field hockey turf. Here are some photos I took at the game.


Here are some demonstrations of why NOT to play soccer on a sand turf!

First up, Graeme trying to get the ball by running through his opposition.

Graeme getting rough

Next up, a girl from the opposing team wipes out quite spectacularly trying to change directions.

Soccer Wipeout

This aint track and field …

Soccer Wipeout #2

Graeme … WTF?

Graeme levitating

The next photo is a demonstration of why being spectator is not safe either, this blindingly quick curving kick from Becky almost hit me.

Becky Brassett fires the ball at me


You can get away with a lot more in soccer than I realised …

That gotta be holding!

Levitating ball

They were playing with a special levitating ball. If you don’t believe me, here’s the proof …

Matt Rooney levitating the ball


Cushla McGovern levitating the ball

Ball levitation

Goalie Extraordinaire

Nigel Alefosio did a stunning job in goal.

Nigel Alefosio in goal #1

This kick was …

Nigel Alefosio ready in goal

… 4 m too high … but Nigel tried to stop it anyway 😛

Nigel Alefosio forgets he isn’t 20 m tall

The opposition team were quite a bit smaller!

Nigel Alefosio takes on a pint sized warrior

But they could still kick! This one didn’t get in.

Nigel Alefosio about to get nailed in face by pint sized warrior

But this one when Nigel subbed off did …

Pint sized kiddie scores a goal!

Brooker bunch

Here are some pics of my lab mates Frederick from Germany and Worku Gobeze from Ethiopia.

Worku Gobeze playing soccer #1

Worku Gobeze playing soccer #2

Frederick playing soccer

Frederick and Worku Gobeze

Frederick playing soccer #2

Stunning ball handling

Some of the players are apparently as skilled at juggling a ball on their feet as they are round bottoms with their hands …

soccer deking

Victoria Argyle and Nathan playing soccer


Anna Garden in action

Graeme and Becky Brassett

Mark Hareb playing soccer #1

Matt Rooney on a charge

Graeme roughing it up

Nathan playing soccer

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