German cows

Ya know how in the movies the cows in Germany have bells on them? Well apparently those crazy Germans actually do attach bells to the poor cows! I have no idea why they do this. Imagine how insane you would go if some dork attached a bell around your neck! Every time you moved you would hear an irritating bell sound.



I took the photos in the Black Forest in south western Germany.

2 thoughts on “German cows

  1. Edward nicoara says:

    dude.. you are weird… I aint german but i can tell ya why they attach bells to cows .The bell from photo is a bit big .true .But ussualy they dont use those big bells. Just a small bell.The sound isnt irritating.If ya have a big territory you let your cows there and then ya go home. 1 or 2 from the older cows have a bell attached on their neck .The older ones know the way home. So the younger ones who dont know they keep following the bell’s sound .So thats the way they can get home.Another thing what those bells can be used is to find your own cows. It can happen that when ya are sitting near your cows you fall asleep , when ya wake up they moved to another grassy place . So you can hear their bells and can find them (soz for bad english, hope ya understand)

  2. Ryan says:

    I get that, but it’s still totally bizarre.

    Apparently European farms are usually tiny, and so farmers like to keep an eye on exactly where they are. That’s the reason I was given by someone from Europe anyway.

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