Louis Pasteur: The Space of Life

A photo of mine from the Heidelberg Castle has been used in the documentary “Louis Pasteur: The Space of life“. The image used is from the chemistry laboratory at the castle and was used as the background for the laboratory of Jean Baptiste Biot, the man who discovered the chiral nature of tartaric acid.

As you can see below, they’ve zoomed in, then shrunk it, flipped it horizontally and used it as a background for scenes showing Louis Pasteur and Jean Baptiste Biot. It seems ironic to me that they used a mirror image for the background of a documentary about chirality :p

Louis Pasteur and Jean Baptiste Biot

Jean Baptiste Biot

Jean Baptiste Biot


My original photo from Heidelberg Castle

The documentary can be viewed on the LaRouche website:

My photo can be seen in the background between 6:20 – 7:46 and 19:58 and 22:02.

One thought on “Louis Pasteur: The Space of Life

  1. Ryan Hellyer says:

    Apparently this photo is being used for education materials in Queensland now. Strange how a single little photo is so popular 🙂

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