Manorburn dam history

I’ve been fishing through my families old photo albums and found the following photos of the Manorburn dam from the past that some of you may find interesting.

From left: Auntie Lynn, Ronald Hellyer, Pamela Hopkins, Uncle John, Dad and Robyn on the central basin of the Manorburn dam in 1954. The hand writing is courtesy of my Nana.

From left is Ronald Hellyer, my Dad, some random guy, Phylis Hellyer and John Hellyer on the Manorburn dam in 1952.

Dad on the Manorburn dam some time around 1970.

Dad on the Manorburn dam some time around 1970.

This is my brother Scott on the tiny ice cube they called a rink which sat beside the Manorburn dam. This would have been around 1984 I think.

And this is Scott demonstrating why I'm the one who's still skating!

One thought on “Manorburn dam history

  1. petra says:

    Thanks for posting this information. It’s really nice to see the old photos. We are going to be visiting NZ next year and are planning to go kayaking in the Manorburn Dam.

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