Skating Poolburn

Thanks to Dave Young, Alan Knowles and Dave Patchett for taking me along on their ice skating trip to Central Otago. We had beautiful ice, up to 10 cm thick, at Poolburn Dam. We circumnavigated the entire lake (~20 km), most of which was beautifully smooth near-black ice. There are a lot more photos to come, but here’s a few quick snapshots from the weekends activities until I find the time to process the rest of them.

Here you can see the "crazy squares" effect in the ice. The rocks you can see in the background are common throughout the lake and make for a terrific view across the huge expanse of ice.

There were a lot of Canadian Geese in the area. Their droppings are somewhat of a hazard on the ice as not only are they large and gross, but they ice tends to melt wherever they land.

Dave Patchett striding across the ice after we made a quick jaunt over to the dam face around lunch time.

For more information about the trip, check out Dave Young’s blog post.

3 thoughts on “Skating Poolburn

  1. Looks like great weather and skating, Lake Poolburn = Poolburn Dam, great photos must get up thee at some stage.

  2. ryan says:

    Thanks Clive. I always thought it was called “Lake Poolburn”, but I guess not then.

  3. ryan says:

    Following up on the Lake Poolburn vs Poolburn dam situation … the lake is called “Poolburn reservoir”, the dam itself is called “Poolburn dam”.

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