Falling through ice

I can still feel the sensation of my shoulder popping out every time I watch this. It makes me feel queasy! Quite cool to have caught it on camera though 🙂 Thanks to Dave for recording and uploading it 🙂

The video was recorded at Poolburn reservoir in New Zealand. The ice was about 15 mm thick, and we were recording it as a demonstration of what happens to ice just before you fall through it. I wasn’t meant to actually fall through it, I was just trying to push it far enough to make the ice buckle and creak a lot, but then my foot went straight through 😛 I was wearing a wetsuit and life preserver in case I did fall through, but what I didn’t factor in was that my shoulder would dislocate on slamming into the ice. My shoulder was very sensitive at the time and was scheduled to have surgery on it later that year.

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