Wellington on a budget

I was broke, so in my attempts to live in Wellington city on the lowest possible budget I resorted to the cheapest backpackers accommodation I could find. NZ$15 per night is enough for a dorm room at “The Lodge in the City”, it isn’t luxury accommodation, but it’s clean enough that you can live there without seeing too many rats or other creeply crawlies in the bedrooms. The people there however are awesome! I met so many cool people in that place it wasn’t funny. I highly recommend anyone going to Wellington stays there.

And for fine dining, you can’t go past the local graffiti’d fish n chip shop! Surprisingly, this is a functioning shop and they do serve edible food there. I recommend avoiding anything not deep fried (makes sure all the bugs are killed 🙂 ). And to top it off, this fine establishment is only a couple of minutes walk up the road from The Lodge in the City!

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