Cycle touring in/near Oslo

It seems people are fascinated about where I end up on my weekends, so here are some snaps from a couple of weeks ago. I ended up somewhat lost during a cycling trip as I forgot my phone so had no Google maps, I had an awful map which barely showed any detail and I forgot my compass to boot, so kept losing my bearings. I eventually ended up sitting beside an awesome lake called Nøklevannet; I didn’t take any photos whilst there because there were girls bouncing around in bikini’s everywhere and so I didn’t want to look like the creepy guy taking photos of them (plus I was too busy staring at boobs to take photos). It ended up being a 40 km round trip, including lots of detours attempting to find something interesting. Next time I will take a good map, compass, phone and figure out where the heck I’m going first 🙂

Oslo sure does get some beautiful weather despite what the locals may say.

Ducks chilling out beside Luktvannet

I accidentally stumbled across this small lake called Skraperudtjem during my travels. There are beautiful little lakes like this hidden all over the area.

A view from above Skraperudtjem

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  1. Jason says:

    Awesome stuff Ryan – more please 🙂

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