Chilling out in Singapore

I’m currently blobbing out at Changi airport in Singapore en route to Norway. This is definitely the most pleasant short-term stopover I’ve ever experienced. The whole airport is just “nice”. Lots of shops, lots of good food, lots of pleasant little indoor garden areas, good transport around the terminals (and between them) and not overly busy.

My only problem is that I have a swollen hand, I assume because of some sort of insect bite last night. It was swelling up before leaving New Zealand and has got somewhat worse en route. Thankfully they don’t require prescriptions for medicines here it seems, so I was able to just rock on into one of the airport pharmacies and grab some hydrocortisone cream to treat it. Hopefully that will do the trick shortly, otherwise I’m going to be arriving in Oslo with a fat persons hand!

Chilling out with my Chromebook at Changi airport in Singapore.

My fat hand! I'm guessing this was caused by an insect bite of some sort.


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