Another day, another cycling trip. This time I headed north east to Kringlevann on advice from my friends Marte and Ingvild. It turns out they have great advice, as after a pleasant trip uphill I was greeted by a beautiful little lake nestled in the woods above Oslo city.

4 thoughts on “Kringlevann

  1. Simen says:

    Nice one, Ryan. You’re getting pretty good at finding nice spots in Oslo.

  2. Marte says:

    Nice photos! Hope you took a bath and enjoyed the lake after the steep hills. Maybe we can go ice skating there in the winter?

    • Ryan says:

      Hellz yes we’re going skating there in the winter! I was already scoping out places to go ice skating up there on the weekend 🙂 There’s a few other spots up that way which will be quite suitable too. Some are excessively boggy, so might be hard to get onto. There’s a couple of places with Jetty’s, which are a really handy way to get on the ice if the edges are still a bit soft.

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