Running to Kringlevann

One of my favourite hobbies in New Zealand was always finding ice to skate on come the winter months. By the time I arrived in Norway last winter all of the lakes were covered in snow, so this time around I’m trying to keep a close eye on the lakes and as soon as they’re frozen I’ll be skating. I knew there wouldn’t be enough to skate on today, but I decided to combine running with inspection of potential skating spots. Unfortunately the places I’d like to skate are quite a long way from my home. So I ran 9 km uphill to a lake called Kringlevann. As expected, it only had a slither of ice on the top, maybe 10 mm at most. A few more stiff frosts and it should be skateable though. This was also the longest distance I’ve ever run in my life at 19 km for the full round trip. It wasn’t exactly a super fast run at 2 hours and 30 minutes, but I’m happy to have managed the full distance without collapsing part way.

The track on the way up the hill

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