WordCamp Edinburgh

In case anyone wasn’t already aware, I’m somewhat obsessed with a piece of software called “WordPress”. My occupation now revolves around WordPress and I voluntarily let it suck up an inordinate amount of my time. I attended a conference called “WordCamp Edinburgh”, which is by far the biggest WordPress conference I’ve ever attended.

I met in person many people who I had only known in the online world for many years. It was amusing asking people what differences they perceived between the “real me” and the “virtual me”. Apparently I am much taller in person than they expected. Having the only video footage of you online be of you standing beside a giant does not help with such perceptions it seems 😉

It was particularly great to finally meet the co-founder of WordPress Mike Little, who it turns out is one of the most modest down to earth people I have ever met.

WordPress founder Mike Little and yours truly outside the conference venue

BuddyPress guru Paul Gibbs and design guru Tammie Lister

Me presenting our talk

Nadia, Simen, Arnstein, Zozela and Magdalini

Admin panel extraordinaire Noel Tock giving his presentation

Core security dude Jon Cave, myself and self-professed screaming code monkey Jeff Ghazally

WordPress founder Mike Little and domain master Donnacha Mac Gloinn outside the conference venue

Fellow Metronite Simen Thorsrud

2 thoughts on “WordCamp Edinburgh

  1. Scott Basgaard says:

    Nice! Who is this giant you speak of?

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