When I attended my friends Ingvild and Marte’s wedding, I was repeatedly asked what I thought of Norwegian weddings and if there was anything strange or unusual about them.

Four things stood out, firstly, they talk a lot. Seriously, there were like a bajillion speeches, but apparently that is half a bajillion less than normal. The second thing is that they have some strange running around in the dark rituals (see below), thirdly, they’re a lot more formal than Kiwi weddings. Even the little kiddies were dressed up to the hilt with a suit and tie! Fourthly, the desserts are OMFG holy moly foodgasm territory! All in all, I highly recommend attending a Norwegian wedding 🙂 Great food, great people, awesome brides 🙂

OMFG! Dessert to die for!

Strange outdoor ritual

One thought on “Foodgasms

  1. Marte says:

    LOL! It was great having you there Ryan 🙂 The running around in the dark ritual came as a surprise to me too! Weird.

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