Room for rent in Oslo!

This room has now been rented out. Thanks for all those who took interest in it.

I moved into my current apartment because I knew I would have awesome flatmates. Two awesome chicks, a cool Swedish dude and an unknown girl I haven’t met yet who has been living in Australia but will be returning soon. However at 30 m2, the room I moved into is quite simply insanely huge and I have no use for all of that space. So now that the Swedish dude (aka Karl) is moving out, I figured it would make the most sense if I rent out my room and move into his much smaller one instead.

If you know of any males looking for a room to rent or are looking for one yourself, please get in touch 🙂 Rent is 6700 NOK per month plus electricity and internet and the bond / damage deposit is 13400 NOK. Rent starts approximately mid-August (this may be negotiable – I’m waiting to hear more details on this).

The apartment is situated between St Hanshaugan and the Royal Palace, easy walking distance from bus, tram and subway routes. We have two bathrooms, a very large kitchen/dining area and we have tons of storage room.

I currently have my bedroom segmented into a hallway area, a living area and a bed area, all separated by a curtain and a huge wardrobe which comes with the room. So even though it is only a single room, I use it as a complete private apartment with shared bathrooms and kitchen.





5 thoughts on “Room for rent in Oslo!

  1. Krishna says:

    Hi, We are a couple living in shared house in Grorud and looking for a room.

    May I know if the electricity, internet are included in the rent 6700. Will be waiting for your reply.

    Thank you.


    • Ryan says:

      Electricity and internet are not included in the rent.

      I’m not sure if my flatmates are keen on a couple moving in or not. I’ll need to check on that first. I’ll get back to you tomorrow about it 🙂

  2. christopher björkman says:

    Hej! mitt namn är Christopher och jag söker boende i Norge.
    Jag pratade med karl olofsson och han sa jag kunde kontakta er.

    Söker billigt boende i slutet på augusti / början på september.

    Finns det?
    Christopher Björkman

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