My new apartment :)

I learned a valuable lesson recently. You should never agree to move into a new apartment without seeing it first, no matter how temporary the arrangement may be! I was intending to stay somewhere for a month until I found somewhere more permanent. I didn’t have a chance to see it before moving in; the pictures looked fine though, so I figured it’d do. On moving in, I found out that it came with a screaming child covered in filth, a kitchen full of rubbish and dirty diapers and the bed in my room was full of food and dirt. I stripped the bed down to the mattress, cleaned it as best I could and tried to go to sleep. I then began puking my insides out (food poisoning) and bailed off to a hotel around lunch time where I stayed for two days until moving just out of the city to a house kindly lent by my friend Caroline. I told the landlord that I wasn’t intending to stay there because it was too dirty and that I’d return the keys some time before October 19th, when my rent was paid until. She was furious and demanded I return the keys immediately. Somehow she missed the logic that I had no reason to return keys for a room I was still paying rent for. I won’t bore you with the whole conversation, but here’s the highlights …

Tomorrow my husband will be be here. We will find you anyway, you cant hide … I
have all details from you. We will find you anyway … Pray to god that we will not find, you you dont know us!
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The police have now had a chat with her and have asked her to come to the police station where she can pick up her keys (which I left with them). Sheesh.

After that debacle, I moved into an AirBNB place for a few days before moving into my much newer, much cleaner, and all round awesome little apartment 🙂 I have three rooms, one is more of a hallway, a living area and my bedroom (which is oddly triangle shaped) and a shared bathroom/kitchen. A quick trip to IKEA had me fully kitted out with furniture. Awesomesauce 🙂



If you have any advice on how to fit a rectangular bed into a triangular bedroom, please let me know in the comments 🙂

6 thoughts on “My new apartment :)

  1. Ronald says:

    Easy, just cut the bed into an isosceles triangle! Head goes on the wide part and feet go down the middle.

  2. Leah says:

    Get a triangular bed!

  3. Daan says:

    Nice little place you got there 🙂

    Now about that bed…

    First, cut your bed like this:

    Then flip one side and rejoin like this:

    Best to find the right angle before you actually cut the bed 😉

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