Time to lose the fat!

I realised on Saturday that I am officially a fatty! That gut isn’t being poked out in this photo, that’s just what it looks like when I’m standing. I honestly didn’t realise how chubby I’d got until I was looking through a bunch of photos taken of me that day. I somehow became used to my gut bulging out in a disgusting kinda way. With that in mind, I will be regularly exercising from now on. Looking down and not being able to see my dick is not something I want to experience later in life!


This is me standing on a rock in Sächsische Schweiz

FYI, I blame yummy Berlin food and severe laziness for my current physical state.

7 thoughts on “Time to lose the fat!

  1. Alex says:

    and Coke 😛

  2. Dan Milward says:

    One word. Liposuction.

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