I rescued my best childhood friend, Ted, from my parents place. According to my mum, I was very upset that he had no pants, so my mum made pants for him and gave them to me for Christmas 🙂 Later on, she made him the little Greatest American Hero suit which he is still wearing today 🙂

His official name was Hot Dog, but he was always known as Ted.

We went on many adventures together. He get lost in Arthur Barnetts, and wanted to be like the guy from the Greatest American Hero, so I used to throw him across the room so that he could fly.

2 thoughts on “Ted

  1. Lee Sargent says:

    That’s pretty awesome, I too have two of my childhood toys though neither of them appear to be in as good nick as Ted there.

    Came by because I used to use you theme years ago and wanted to revisit it, nice to see it’s still going strong 🙂

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