define: bodge job

Berlin summers feel a little like hanging out in Satan’s anus. To make matters worse, ze Germans don’t seem to believe in air conditioning.

Thankfully, the gods invented cheap portable air conditioners, so I bought one ready for last summer. The pipe it came with was too short to reach my living room though so I was only able to have it blow the cold air towards my living room. The pipe is also not insulated, so a lot of the heat leaks back into my kitchen, ironically leaving my kitchen hotter than it would be without the air conditioner.

This was annoying the crap out of me today, so I headed to the hardware store. Some duck tape and budget ventilation tubing later and I had a lengthened exhaust pipe 🙂 Then I wrapped the pipe up in spare bedding, and now my kitchen is 10° C cooler and my living room (which I was actually trying to cool) is at a perfect 20° C. Mission accomplished 🙂

(bodge job definition)

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