Videos of Dunedin Aces in Nelson, New Zealand

Here’s some videos of the Dunedin Aces senior team playing in Nelson (South Island of New Zealand) in 2003. We got totally thrashed, but it was a good trip. I’m number 27 in white with black pants with bright blue stripes.

And last of all … here’s a video interview with the team by Daniel Jang. I managed to avoid Dan while he was doing the interview 😀


Dunedin Aces

The Dunedin Aces are an inline hockey club which was started initially by Daniel Jang and within weeks myself, Kerry Perkins and a bunch of others were recruited to help run the club. We eventually got our own uniforms and headed off to the South Island Regional Inline Hockey Championship where we were promptly gobbled up and spat out for breakfast by the Christchurch and Nelson teams. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience though and some of my toughest games were played for the Dunedin Aces.

Ryan Hellyer (me) chasing the puck

Stu McLennan trying to get the puck off a Redback

Ryan Hellyer (me) with the orange wheels swooping in on a Redback player

Ryan Hellyer (me) wearing number 27

Ryan Hellyer (me) with the orange wheels. Vincent Giblin in the background.

Dunedin Vixens

The Dunedin Vixens (aka Dunedin Aces women) were an awesome team. Unfortunately an extra Y chromosome ruled me out of joining 🙁 Although I did play in goal for them once as an honorary woman.

The photo below is from their 2002 journey to the South Island Regional Inline Hockey Championships. Clockwise from top left: Emma Gordon, April George, Kezia Bibby, Tasha Szeto, Kate Williman, Martel Letica, Becky Szeto, Kerry Perkins and Natalie Syddal.


Dunedin Vixens 2002


I found the following pictures on a DVD many years later. I have no idea who took the pictures or when they were taken (the date stamps were wrong).

George St school

This was where I learned to play hockey! A random question by someone at the staff club one night about making a chemistry inline hockey team prompted me to go buy a stick, a pair of inline hockey skates and the rest is history! A life long (so far) obsession with hockey was born and I haven’t looked back since.

I’m the guy hunched over in the blue uniform about to take the faceoff.

Ryan Hellyer: George St school inline hockey