define: bodge job

Berlin summers feel a little like hanging out in Satan’s anus. To make matters worse, ze Germans don’t seem to believe in air conditioning. Thankfully, the gods invented cheap portable air conditioners, so I bought one ready for last summer. The pipe it came with was too short to reach my living room though so […]

Corona office

I’m unfortunately having some technical difficulties with the air conditioning in my office today. It’s too hot. Thankfully this office comes with it’s own pool, so I might take a dip shortly to cool off. In case anyone is wondering … the law changed here to say that people are allowed to stop and rest […]

Self driving bus

I took my very first ride on a self driving bus! It wasn’t very smart, and it often got confused and once even stopped because a leaf blew in front of it. But it was still cool to experience this technology first hand. Hopefully I’ll be reading this again in the future, whilst whizzing across […]