Thanks to Brianna for waiting around whilst I launched myself off the Kawarau bridge late last year 😀 I was totally relaxed, even when standing on the edge. But that feeling of freefall puts me into severe panic. I think I need to do this a few hundred more times to get used to the […]

Ryans hair

Here are some hideous photos taken by Andy Noble in 2007. People keep asking what my hair looked like before I chopped it all off, so here you go 😀 … basically, terrible and thin 😛 I should have shaved it all off when I was still teenager. Oh well, retrospect …


We saw these little critters scampering around by the waterside in Prague. It seemed very odd, as they seem to have no fear of anything. It turns out they’re an invasive introduced pest! The local vegan restaurant is providing them with fresh food each day; go figure 😛 At least they provide some entertainment for […]