Frozen saft!

This is a lesson in why you should always pack hot water when travelling outdoors in Oslo 😉 This was a yummy bottle full of forest berry flavoured saft (Norwegian drink flavouring stuff, kinda like cordial) before leaving home; 60 minutes later and it became a saft slushy! The photo was taken on Kringlevann.

Skating on Sognsvann

After having a such a terrific time out ice skating the night before, I headed back to Sognsvann in the morning to try out the ice during the daylight. There was a little more snow and the surface had roughened up a little, but still an amazing days skating in the great outdoors. It is […]

Sognsvann evening skate

After being hospitalised with a head injury this evening (I thought it would be fun to walk into a cupboard door), Morten and I decided to go for an evening skate on Sognsvann on the outskirts of the city. We were greeted with beautiful smooth ice interspersed with the occasional snow dump. The local fire […]