Near the entrance to Serengeti national park, I found a large number of chameleon’s hanging out on rocks. Unfortunately, they usually ran away whenever I tried to get near, but I did manage to snap this picture of one of these little beauties before it took off.

Zebras in Ngorongoro Conservation Area

I’ve always thought of zebra’s as majestic animals. I never thought I would think of them like sheep on the side of the road, but after four days of plodding through the Tanzanian wilderness, they had just become the standard animal that see everywhere. It seemed that no matter where you looked, there were zebra’s! […]

Camp bird

I have no idea what this bird is, but it was a giant graceful thing which just slowly meandered into our camp site near Ngorongoro Conservation Area. It seemed to be very tolerant of humans and only backed off when I got right up in it’s face with a camera. EDIT: David Lockie pointed out […]


We got to hang out with some Bushbaby’s at the Cheetahs Rock animal sanctuary in Tanzania. Bushbaby’s are small primates which are native to Africa. They were very friendly and seemed to enjoy getting to hang out with humans for a bit.